About partner in crime, er…, life

While helping my family in preparing requirements of my younger sister’s wedding, sometimes I couldn’t help to think about my own future wedding *ahem*. I was wondering how it will look like, what theme I will pick, will I have it indoor or outdoor, what souvenir I will choose for the guests which look nice and elegant, what food I will order, who I will invite for the party…. Basically I was thinking about all that small (or big) stuffs related to the wedding ceremony itself, without really thinking the important factor: the groom-to-be himself. The future partner in crime life.

And when tonight somehow I remember about this issue which I have been avoiding for some time, I feel like I need to write it down. Not necessarily in a nice, organized writing, but at least I can express some thoughts on my mind. Am I anxious now because of it? You bet I do. Good thing that most of time plenty works make me forget about it. But that could also mean I am running from reality without trying to deal with it. I always believe I will meet the right person on the right time, and he will be a good husband and dad for our family. At least that’s what I always pray about.

When is the right time then? And more important thing, how do I know that he is the right person? People often say that we will know once we meet “the one”, but could we guarantee that the feeling appears really based on heart and not a short period lovesick? Maybe I sound too pessimistic, but reassure that I have my hope and expectation still going on. If only I can get more advices or suggestions; to be honest I am not experienced in relationship as I only had one relationship so far. So if anyone wants to give advise, please feel free to comment 😛

Cheesy post, I know. But I like cheese, and spreading it on one of the blog posts sometimes doesn’t feel too bad! 😉

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