Take a look in a mirror, please!

If you have known me earlier at elementary school and then meet me again now, you might notice that I have changed quite a bit from before. I used to be a quiet student and don’t talk or hangout much with other people. Frankly speaking, I was an introvert for some time until I met marvelous friends at college and of course at workplace. Now some people say I talk too much, or in a nice way, talkative person (is that nicer word anyway?).

This apparently impacts some of my work colleagues, especially those who work in the same office room. Sometimes they complaint about my voice during a phone call; apparently it was too loud and too noisy so they can’t work well. I appreciate their comments, and did try to decrease my voice volumes, but still sometimes I forget to do it. Sometimes they make fun of me because of my loud voice, and I am okay with it. It’s a fact anyway, so of course I have to swallow it.

What made me quite upset however was yesterday when one of my colleagues said that all of people inside my office room (there are 4 people including me in the same room) couldn’t really stand my voice and plan to ask me go out if I had phone call. It’s actually a simple statement, but that somehow slapped me in the face (whack!) and made me surprise. I am not sure if that’s true, but if it is indeed true, I would like to have them talk to me directly instead of talking behind my back.

The other thing that made me even more upset is, they actually do the same thing when they make a phone call! One of them also has a loud voice, and most of the time he use loudspeaker instead of the handset. When he does that, I usually only put my earphone and listening to music, but still it could not help! What’s the difference then between what he’s doing to me and what I was doing to him?

I am not saying that I am the correct one and they should listen to me; I know I am not perfect. I know I have to improve myself and try to fix bad habit of mine. But, please! Take a look at yourself and evaluate yourself if you had done the same thing! Looking for someone’s mistakes or bad habit always easy to do, but have you ever tried that to yourself? Let’s evaluate ourselves together and let’s improve ourselves together. That sounds much better instead of pointing out and forcing people to change while you’re still the same.

Maybe it’s a coward way to write this down, but at least I can express my feeling here *cough* 😛


One thought on “Take a look in a mirror, please!

  1. Perhaps they just think that you are different, and find something to get you out of their den.

    Or maybe we’re just asians with some “unggah-ungguh” and high tolerance level, while (I guess) are westerners who are used to speak up what they feel.

    Either way, you should speak up if you have gut, or just leave the scene. ^_^

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