Securelicious, delicious taste of security

People often say that you need to know well someone or something before you can decide if you like or dislike the person or the thing. In Indonesia, we know term “Tak kenal maka tak sayang” which has the same meaning. Somehow I believe this tagline becomes the base of an event held in our office today called Securelicious.

What is Securelicious? To be honest, I didn’t know when I heard about it and didn’t have any intention to take a look on it when I first saw its flyer in my desk. However this morning, Ben, as a pushy person he can be, asked me and the rest of the team to visit this session together. Knowing that I couldn’t say no to him (still becomes a mystery for me!), I joined him together with the others to upper level where this event held. It was still early, and not many people were there. Apparently we became the first visitors who were trying to figure out this Securelicious thing 😛

It turned out that Securelicious was an exhibition with booths that explained each division or function of our company’s National Security department. We found out that besides the security guards themselves (duh!), there are many services provided by National Security department, for example Incident Call Center which can function as a shortcut in reporting or to get help on any incident. There was even Self Defense booth that shared tips on how to defense ourselves in dangerous situation. Who will think that security could be that interesting?

This was the first exhibition held by Security team and I was impressed. With this event, they introduced more about security to all employees so everyone knows services they can get from security and how to use it if required. I wonder if my department could also have this kind of exhibition. However not sure what we will present though… 😛

Oh, and did I mention I got laptop bag and note from this exhibition? By collecting stamps from asking questions and doing the simulations, we could get any merchandise based on total stamps we collected. Not to mention that we could have a picture together with a “prisoner”! Securelicious, a delicious taste of security! 😉


5 thoughts on “Securelicious, delicious taste of security

  1. hahaha.. your face! XD
    gosh mbei.. i’m sure that it’s fun to work there 😀 while i’m trying to ignore how jerk the condition in my place *roll eyes*

    • Hehe..itu sengaja minta pak “napi” pura-pura nyekik…untung ga beneran 😛
      Kenapaaa chan?? sabar yahh *hugs* 🙂
      Pindah sini aja 😛

      • Biasanya di bagian marketing atau sales rutin buat rekrutmen..nanti ak tanya2in deh 😉 Chan backgroundnya apa yah?

      • komunikasi 😀
        yah.. tanyakan aja degh.. perkara iya apa ndak urusan ntar yaaa 😀

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