Oh, YES, it’s MONDAY!

Time surely goes too fast sometimes. Just a while ago you were enjoying your Sunday night by reading book and having a cup of coffee; the next few hours you are already in the busiest day in a week: Monday! Somehow Monday always becomes a frightening day for all workers, maybe because they have imagined bad traffic along their way to office, or maybe just simply because of the work itself. Work is work, and traffic jam will always happen in the morning anyway, so I guess nothing we can do except to deal with it.

And with that (new) awareness, I am trying to motivate myself and being positive in every new week. Why? Because it is a new week. New couple of days where you will meet challenges, will again trying to control your life, will meet your co-workers at office and know how they are doing; days of adventure are waiting! Sure, it’s not as romantic as it sounds; work is work anyway for most of us, but I think there is nothing wrong by being passionate about it. It might help you go through anything during the day, not to mention during the week! 😉

So, YES, it’s Monday!! 😉


4 thoughts on “Oh, YES, it’s MONDAY!

  1. haha.. chan juga ngeblog lagi niyh 😛
    jadi, mari saling mampir 😛

    oh ya, chan juga nulis di tu2t.wordpress.com.. ya iseng2 bikin cerpen.. dikomen ya.. secara baru pemula wkwkwkwk

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