My sister’s (unofficial) prewedding

So as I have mentioned before, my family will shortly have a big event at Surabaya (my hometown) which is my younger sister’s wedding. This fact alone has made some most of my friends asked me if I am going to follow her soon (what kind of question was that? a question that makes sense and always leaves me in a long silent…). I am happy for her and my family though, and of course, wishing I can have my own soon 🙂

Like other weddings, my sister’s also planned to have prewedding photo shoot, apparently in two places: Jakarta, at Halim Perdanakusuma airport (her groom-to-be working place) and Surabaya, in the middle of the city. The lucky (amateur) photographer chosen *ahem* to take the pictures was my friend, Pras (well, initially we should have Armin’s (her broom-to-be) brother but suddenly he couldn’t make it, so we must use our other resource… :P). Luckily we could borrow some gears to be used considering that none of us has complete photography gears.

The photo shoot took place on Sunday morning, to avoid over exposure in the mid of the day. I joined along with my own camera *ahem*, even though I couldn’t take too much pictures as I was acting as Pras’s assistant who had to standby and provide anything required. It was new experience for me, and it was fun. I realized that I never took pictures of models, which is apparently really challenging. That reminds me again why I love to see good pictures and was interested in learning photography 🙂

I will soon post some pictures from our photo shoot, and those from the other session at Surabaya which was performed yesterday. I am sure there will be brilliant pictures and I just can’t wait to have them presented during the big day 😉
For the time being, here are some pictures I managed to take on the session (not too many and still to be improved though :P).


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