Lausanne trip last April (late post indeed…)

As I might have mentioned on my previous posts, I was lucky to get an opportunity to join company training at Lausanne (again). It was my 3rd trip there, and again, I was in love with the city. Why shouldn’t I, if I could have a nice, clean, neat and beautiful city as my living place, at least for two weeks? My only issue was the weather (which was quite cold), but putting on multiple clothes did the trick. The other thing that made me feel lucky was the “partner in crime” also from Indonesia who happened to join the same training with me: Pak Riky Krisno! I met him only several times when I first joined the company and since then never really involved with him. Thus it was a good experience to spend some time with him, sharing some stories (and experiences from his side, of course!) while enjoying some cities in Switzerland 🙂

The training itself was going on well. I met some people who I often communicated with, and some who I have met earlier. One of the participants (there were only 6 participants on the training) looked surprise seeing me know some people there. If only she knew how much time I usually spend to follow up issues with them, then she will understand that it was very normal and not uncommon *smirk* 😛

However, in every side of good thing, there is always bad thing accompanied (if not, then there will be no term of “balance” or “Yin and Yang”, I assume). Most of the participants, or us, gained some weights when we went back to our hometown!! It was not really a surprise though, considering our pattern every single day within two weeks: big lunch and late dinner. We got vouchers for lunch in restaturant at our office, and let me tell you: the lunch was really GOOD. You can choose main course from 4 options, pick salad from salad bar, and get dessert from dessert bar for FREE! As a normal person who loves food and something free, I utilized the opportunity to eat anything I could eat (because I have limitation on food), especially the dessert. Dessert in every lunch time for 2 weeks apparently equals with 2kgs weight gain. That’s a good lesson to learn though, but I believe I will do the same if I’m lucky enough to go there again 😛

On weekends, we went to Wengen (Saturday) and Lucern (Sunday). In actual we planned to go to Jungfrau on Saturday (one of the famous mountains in Switzerland), however the train track was closed due to storm. So we just go around on a small city before Jungfrau without clear plan (what a shame!). However the Lucern trip was really good. We enjoyed going around the city, rode on a boat around the big lake and visited a cool transportation museum ( I wish Indonesia has that kind of museum, really). I would love to go there again if I had a chance to go to Switzerland. That city was really good to have relaxation in 🙂

All in all, it was a really good trip, and I pray to get the chance to go there again!! Amin… 🙂

Here are some pictures from the trip:

You can check the rest on my Facebook (well, if you want…) 😉


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