Short weekend at Surabaya last week

Oh my gosh, I am on fire!! I am starting to feel an ache in my shoulders, yet I want to keep writing something down, whatever it is! I am searching anything in my brain that is good enough to be expressed publicly, but to be honest I don’t really care the content as long I can write something. Writing never feels this good, most likely because I have missed it so much without being conscious about it. I wonder if this becomes my addiction, life might feel very interesting as I can express anything, anytime with my own style *laugh*.

So last week I went to Surabaya to have dress fitting as one of wedding preparation checklists. It was a very short weekend, not to mention expensive (it cost me around IDR 1.1 mio for round trip!), but really important and actually, quite nice. I could meet my dearest sister Kya, my lovely Mom and (of course) our lovely cat, Abu. Two days in a row we’re going out so indeed it was an intense weekend for me. However I cannot really complaint as the pressure handled by my sister is way, way higher than me. So I did my best to support her, of course considering my own ability and limitation. I hope everything is going on well as expected, Amin ya rabbal alamin…

The dress itself is really nice, silver with some sparkles on it. I did have lost some weight (yehey!!) so it was too big on me when I tried it on. Now I need to maintain my weight to still be the same (or maybe less?) to ensure the dress will look great on me on the big day. With a perfect shoes to match, seems my own preparation is under control. Can’t be happier than that, noticing that the hardwork and effort starting to be paid off 🙂

 >> Me and Kya had lunch at Citraland mall Surabaya

Now that I am back in Jakarta, I just can’t wait to go home again and help everyone to prepare the big day. It’s getting closer and everyone is nervous (including me!), but we’re in the right track, and I believe everything should be okay (keep praying for that!). Wish us luck ! 😉


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