June, month full of birthdays!

If you have been following my blog closely (small possibility, I know…), you might notice that in our department we have a tradition of celebrating everyone’s birthday if possible (because some people are always travelling and not around). It was initiated first by our head of department, and now that he left, I’m trying to keep the tradition continued, eventhough sometimes it’s a bit difficult for me since it’s coming from my own pocket (despite the fact that seeing people smile and laugh always makes me happy).

Now apparently this month, June, which is my favorite month since it is my birth month, also birth month for several more people in our department. And this means more cakes (which makes my pocket even thinner….). In fact we have cake almost every week now! Not only this is dangerous for my pocket, this is also dangerous for our weight! Somehow I am sure that one or two people will gain weight by minimum 1 kg at the end of this month (well, unless he or she does regular exercise). I was having fun preparing the cake though, yet kinda hope someone will take over this responsibility or at least recognize it *cough*.

 >> Chris birthday, June 30th, however celebrated today

 >> Steve’s birthday, June 2nd, celebrated weeks after… 😛

 >> Andrew’s birthday, June 22nd

And my own birthday was on June 17th, celebrated with dear old friends at one restaurant near my office. It was fun eventhough not all people could join. I got some good stuffs from my dearest friends, including one cool book which I am reading currently :

Having all above said, I must say June is really something for me, at least now when we get so many people born in June!! But then again, it will always be my favorite one, as I am always energized more during this month. What a month! 🙂


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