If life is a box of chocolates….

..and we have no idea what kind of chocolate that we are going to take, what will you do? Will you just take any chocolate, swallow it and deal with whatever you got? Or will you take a chocolate, spit it if you don’t like it, and choose again until you get what you want? Or will you just leave the chocolates to ease your mind ?

Of course, everyone has his/her own choice depends on his/her perspective. I personally will choose the first choice because of simple reason: I like challenge. Getting something outside our plan is always challenging because, first, (of course) we didn’t expect that to come. Second, we had no idea or yet any plan what to do with that “surprise”. Once we see clearly, review and analyze the situation, then we start to make a plan to deal with it. Self adjustment most of the time becomes part of the plan, and that could be exciting or annoying, depends on how we address it.

But then again, saying it is easier than implementing it. Several times I got surprises along my way, some with minor impacts, some with major impacts, and it was not easy. I was forced to get out my comfort zone or dealing with something I did not know, but nothing much I could do beside accepting it and did as best as I could to manage the situation. Believe me, once we accept it and try to enjoy it, everything will be much easier. There are many people with similar or worse situation than ours, so in actual, we are not the “most un-lucky” persons in the world. There is no use having pity for ourselves, that even will make us look silly 🙂

So, be positive and enjoy any surprise in our life, because we only live once! 🙂

PS: Yes, this is an un-important post and maybe can considered as spam. Yes, that’s a box of chocolates in my desk, came from my boss in office and it was really, really good. And NO, I did not eat all of the chocolates. I did share it, promise! 😛


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