London Riots, what the heck happened there?

Seriously, anyone knows what’s going on there? I heard the news two days ago, but to be honest I didn’t give much attention back then. This morning when I browsing through Google and Youtube, I just realized that the riot was quite bad. I mean like, really bad indeed. All youngsters somehow became crazy (??) and just start to destroy everything around them. They didn’t care about people who hurts; some of them even stole from the hurt ones! That really makes me sick and couldn’t stop thinking : is this what normally happen in one of big country in the world? Like, seriously???  I used to think that most countries in Europe are relatively safe and in control, whether in term of national security or regulations. But seeing the videos on Youtube.. I really don’t know what the heck is going on there.

What makes even funnier (or disgusting, I must say), is that some of the people blaming Afro-American and Moslems as the root cause of this riot. Clearly for me, some kind of bad scenario is behind this riot to divide all the races in London and to create hostility against minority races there. Unbelieveable. Now we can see that despite how well-educated people inside a country are, the racists will always be there and will try whatever they can to ensure that those who are not “appropriate” from their point of view can be get rid of.

My only pray and hope that this riot will stop soon, and that London people are not agitated with this act. Hopefully they can think clearly, not giving a place to unclear emotion and try their best to solve this issue. To London government and police, could you please give your best efforts? It’s your country and all depends on you to overcome this situation. I know you can do it. In fact, you’re the only ones can do it. Unless it’s okay for you to have other countries sniffing around your internal business.

London, please get well soon!

P.S. Some videos are uploaded on Youtube; you might already see it… but anyway, here’s the link : >> general view for the riot 😦 >> most pathetic, robbing from an injured person 😦


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