What do you wish you spent more time doing?

For me, lot of things! As a normal human being (duh!), it is almost certain that I have plans to do many things in my life; whether something fun, educative, or even challenging. I remember that I wrote down all my plans on my diaries about 2 years ago when I started working. Some of them were done (thank God!), yet some were not even touched. In general, I was quite statisfied for having done what I wanted to do, even though it’s not perfect 🙂

In the past one year, I must admit, I didn’t do lot of things beside… working. Working? Really? Wait, wait.. let me take my word and rethink before I answer. Right. Hem. Well, I did shopping sometimes which are always fun, went to take some pictures with my company’s photography club, spent some time with my family even though really rare….. and the rest is… working.

Wow. Now that sounds really scary. I mean, I don’t even mention reading, which is one of my hobbies (or should I say “was”? *sob*). Listening to musics, writing, drawing, taking pictures… Did I never really do those activities regularly lately? I used to do it like, all the times when I was at college. And now, I barely have time to read even one book! That sounds pathetic.

If only I could turn back time (duh!), I wish I spent my time to read more books, write more articles and short stories — I might write a novel! I wish I involved in many social activities and community activities such as voluntary club or photography club. Or even language club! That will expand my network, plus improve my language skill. Oh, how I wish I did all things I like back then!

However, it was a past (of course…), right? It’s useless to rant about it for hours especially when we know that it will give us nothing. So what can we do? What CAN I DO? Start to do it! That’s it. That’s what I need to do. I’ll start to create new plan for activities I wanna do. The difference with the 2-years-ago-plan is, I have to commit with this plan. I’ll make simple plan, with a make-sense goals.

And for a start, reading sounds like a really good idea. Reading two books in a week, why not? This plan will hopefully give me a work-life balance which I have dreamt (duh!) of. Hopefully. Wish me luck? 😉


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