Random post : tired

Me : I am so darn tired today. I don’t know why.

Me : You don’t know why? Really?

Me : What that supposed to mean?

Me : I am just saying… you know what actually happened to you, yet you’re acting like there is nothing happened.

Me : Oh, really? Like you know everything about me, miss… eh…

Me : What? Difficult to even say your own name?

Me : You are not me!

Me : Oh, but I AM YOU. Don’t you realize that you are talking to me in front of a mirror so you could see the reflection of yourself? That’s because you want to see me!

Me : You’re crazy…

Me : You are the one that crazy.. I am not even existed in your reality, but I am alive in your mind.

Me : I think I wanna throw up now…

Me : Let me go first and then you can just throw up as much as you want.

Me : I thought you ARE me? Aren’t you going to accompany me whatever I feel?

Me : Only if it makes you miserable and not disgusting enough. Other than that, I am not interested.

Me : You’re EVIL! Bad, bad evil!!

Me : And you just realize now?

Me : *staring mirror in silent at an empty, tired face*


PS : kerandoman di kala capek….


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