A letter for my blog…

Dear Blog,
hope you are doing fine.

I am sorry for not being able to visit you even once due to my work. I know that working always becomes my lame excuse to avoid you, but what can I say? It is in reality a fact which, sadly, could not be argued. You must say I am a workaholic, pathetic girl, which could not balance her own life. Maybe you are right. Well, most probably you are right. That’s one fact that I try to improve more and more…. hopefully with a good result in a short time. Who knows? *crossing fingers*

Blog, do you know that for the past few weeks I have experienced lot of things beside working? I learnt how to deal with suppliers, even not directly. It’s not as easy as it look, really. You would think one, two years experience will be enough to build your character to be calm and confident in facing people. I am lucky that I have my supervisors around me that show me how to do it. Still, when it comes to myself, I find it is as tricky as I ever remembered. I consider myself as lucky to have this kind of experience.

And, oh, do you know that I also learnt how to manage people? Not perfect, really, I made a mistake here and there. Sometimes I couldn’t give assignments as it supposed to be, but overall I think I did an “ok” job. I also learnt how to let people go. Again, it is not easy; I was struggling with my mind over and over again. Took some time for me to be brave and just do as the way it is. In the end, I realize that, hey, again, I am so lucky to have this kind of experience. Couldn’t say more beside Alhamdulillah…… Thank you very much for this opportunities, Ya Allah 🙂

So, that’s what I want to tell you about my life for the past several weeks. Not really exciting? Yeah…maybe. But I had it anyway, and there is no use to regret about it. For now, I’ll just enjoy my life, and try my best in all my responsbilities. Of course, it’s including updating you regularly 🙂 Well, perhaps. Hopefully. Maybe? 😛

See you soon, blog!

Much Love,


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