It’s getting closer and I’m excited :)

Is it lame to say that I’m excited for my birthday? It’s not that I will throw a big party and invite all my friends. Frankly say, I have no firm, big plan for my birthday. All I can think for my birthday plan is just to hang out with some dear old friends, doing karaoke thing or maybe watching movie together. That thought alone makes me happy and just can’t wait for it 🙂

Maybe one thing that makes me excited is because on the big day I’m getting old (even though my boss said that we are getting older everyday >> good point really). Accordingly, there is some kind of hope or expectation that together with getting older, I would be more mature and wiser on living life. In addition, I might also expect myself to be better and better, whether in religion wise, emotional wise, attitude wise, working wise, and other aspects in my life. In other word : I expect something positive during and after my birthday, which is actually good, because it can motivate me to go further (in a good way, of course :P).

Oh, and other thing, I loooove receiving happy birthday notes. You can say that I’m childish, or I’m a lame, lonely girl. But knowing somebody really cares (or maybe just accidentally knows from FB and twitter :P) about you even just a little bit, makes me really happy. I feel like I have big family, or circle of friends. And that makes me feel joy inside 😉

So…. I think it’s not lame to say again : It’s getting closer and I’m excited! 😉


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