Oh, how I miss (and in awe of) my old blog!

It starts when I reluctantly try to finish my report and also follow up some pending jobs. I get bored easily, so I browse a bit for usual stuffs I like; some pictures, some news, humour, wallpaper…. And then I google my name. You see, for us, people with narcism complex (which, I believe, there are a lot in this world), having our name listed on top results of Google search is one thing we can proud of. Even though other people have no idea about that (and most probably won’t even care :P). We always have this stupidness that somehow makes me happy. I am sorry, what? You said I am the only one that is stupid? Oh, well. Maybe you’re right *scratching head*.

Anyway, before I click “search” button on the screen, I kinda hope I can find my blog on the list. Of course, not on the top list, but at least it should be on the second or third of the result page. Surprisingly? None. I could not find my blog (YES, THIS BLOG) on Google search no matter how many times I try (actually, it’s around 3 or 4 times. Yes, I am lazy to try find out more). To be honest, it is not too “surprising” as I have just started again my blogging activity, so it is kinda fair to have that result. But one thing that shocks me is : my old blog is listed there!

I remember that I had several blogs back then. My first blog was at blogdrive. A silly yet fun blog. I deleted that blog after I decided to put more attention on my second blog at LiveJournal. At that time I was focused in exploring my English especially in writing blog (Btw, I still have my account at LiveJournal until now, even though I seldom never update it). I really enjoyed blogging back then, especially when I got some friends from other countries. And then, that “disease” came again : I stopped blogging due to many reasons; school, thesis, etc. Some time after that, I created new blog at Blogspot, and this blog that is captured by Google just now.

I read again my posts and I feel surprise. Apparently I used to write my posts quite nice (well, it’s my own opinion…. Of course you can just protest it.. :P). Some of them using English, some Indonesian. I must admit, I really like my old posts in English. You can see that I tried to explore my English a lot there. That’s something I need to REDO  again today. Not to say that writing in Indonesian is not that good. But hey, if you can share people what you think and in the same time you practice your English, that will be a great thing, right? You get two birds just by one rock 😛

So, with an awe of my old blog, I’ll start to write again in English. Yes. Hopefully so. *crossing fingers* 😀


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