Oh, how I need to balance my body and my mind!

That’s what I am thinking right now. Especially now, when I am sitting on someone’s desk at Rungkut office. Yup. If you are guessing I am working at this present time, Saturday morning, you get that right. Actually it is not a big deal, because I plan only to work around two hours anyway. I consider that as a “not-serious” working as it is less than 5 hours. However, it becomes a big deal when deep down inside, I feel a bit dissappointed to myself (ugh…) because I couldn’t spend more time to work this Saturday. Can you imagine that? My mind told me that I should work more during weekend! I don’t know what it sounds to you like, but for me, it’s a bit crazy.

Seriously, now I become more worried than ever. It’s weekend, yet my mind keep going back into my deadline, my mistakes related several jobs, and other work-related. Logically, I know it’s time for me to have some rest (it’s weekend, for God’s sake!). Even my body knows that I need some rest as I feel sore all over my body; my hands, my back, my neck….. I think I can hear all of them screaming for a bed! But this mind of mine…ugh! Pictures of documents, system, pending issues are flying back and forward inside my brain; driving me crazy!

I know I need to balance my body and my mind, but somehow it’s very difficult to be done. If only I know how to do it, really… I will be very grateful. Any advise for it??

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