Dear Surabaya… (sebuah surat penuh kenarsisan)

Dear Surabaya,

Do you remember me? I am sure you don’t remember me quite well, because I am just one little cute girl (ehem!) that  has been a part of you among thousands others. But I am sure, when you meet me (soon), you’ll realize how lucky you are to have me as your part inside.

You say I am crazy? Of course not! Let’s take a deep look on my statement. You see, I am a cute girl. That is already one positive point for you to have me as your soulmate. What? I need a new glasses? Well, I do plan to buy a new pair soon, but let’s talk about it later. I think you can donate for my glasses since you insist me to have a new one 🙂

Second, I am smart yet a bit crazy. See? I am an artist! Most artists are smart yet also a bit crazy. Need me to mention those artists in front of you? Don’t think so, eh? I know you actually admit it inside your heart, eventhough you keep shaking your head from the moment I start speaking. No need to stop shaking immediately, that can make you get a headache, you know?

Third, I am a hard worker person, yet a bit emotional person. Surely characteristics required for all success people in the world. You don’t have to be worry. If I success someday (which is a FACT), I will surely to remember mentioning your name. No worries. Of course, after you buy me a new pair of glasses 🙂

So, three great facts about me, which unfortunately far away from you all this time… And now, I’m going home to you!! You must be happy, right? Why are you keep shaking your head? No need to be too excited just to hear me going home. I ‘ll surely make your life become more colorful next week.

So, see you soon! 😉



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